Report by Danae Eleni, 17 June 2015

Janet, Evan, Danae, Chris

Themes discussed:

Variation in standards of performance and production even in well funded luxuriously long production period.

Variation in fringe opera and underrehearsed productions, who do these serve? Not the audience or the singers or those learning their craft…

Casting directors and management should take responsibility, but artists should be prepared and trained and eager to work flexibly.

Shock value of nudity extra to artistic vision or storytelling clarity.

Directors adhering to the limitations of specific theatres. Sight lines. Volume

Research specific to period. Directors and research/creative team.


Heads of an organisation should take responsibility for an overview of any production or season, need highly trained team beneath them. Should have acceptable norms in terms of preparation l, and funding for this.

We should also “forgive” a company if we don't enjoy a particular show. Art is creative.

People need a playground to create and not all art can “succeed”. Is there a “right to fail” in the industry in the UK at the moment?

Next steps

Be more forgiving and allow space for creativity

Discussion group “is there a right to fail?”


righttofail, forgiveness, creativeart, research, Research