Emma Bernard, 25 January 2014

Session called by Emma Bernard

Who came? Clara Giraud, Tid, Russ Stanley,Steph Connell, Shireen Mula, hannah

Sharkey,Emma Nutland,Janine, Jackie haines, tyrone Huggins, Sharon Eckman, Bill

Bankes Jones,David Coulter, Tassos

TATTYDEL company got funded to go to couples counselling and made a show about

it, apparently!

The group Identified the need for experienced outside ears when collaborative

relationships break down. The tendency for leaderless collaboration to need mentoring

support. The ideal being a discussion at the outset about expectations, aims, role

definition. A ‘pre - nup’???Some people felt this would be a constraint or “killjoy”.

Others said that conflict could be creative. Don't just work with people you love. We

need to have failed relationships to make better ones. But empathy is important -the

way the failure is accepted and resolved is important and this needs facilitation by

someone who is not emotionally or creatively involved.Rituals for communication are

good - checking in and out, a level of formality that gives space for the most

introverted to speak their minds.

Is it the job of a dramturg? Or a producer? We thought not. Having a board of directors

can help. Do we need an ACAS for Artists? Several experienced artists identified

themselves as potential “ Outside Ears” . It could be a database. Maybe EB should set

it up as a professional service?? Get in touch if you think this is a goer.

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Natalie Clarke, 25 January 2014

Hi, uh, we're actually called tattenbaum-deluca (tatty-del for short) and if anyone wants details on that project you can

contact me on [email protected]