You write a story because you need to. Or maybe because this story needs to be told and “she” manages to touch you in a way that you can't help but writing it. Yes, it felt in our group that the story was often stronger than us, grabbing us unexpectedly via an article, a thought, a picture, a memory, or whatever else and then, very often, decided where it wanted to go! A story in its very beginning is born from something that resonates in us and that, we have the feeling, will resonate in other people. Yes, let's not forget that this story is not ours, we create it indeed, but only to give it to an audience. So the writer is just the medium the story uses to take shape in order to reach people. So we thought that maybe being a writer was first about being open and observant, about listening to what you feel, even if it doesn't always make sense in the first place. One day two bits will go together and it will be the beginning of a story and then you will need your writing skills, but only then. Yes, a story is not only about style, it needs a soul. That's where it's born. Then we talked about different possible origins: A single writer or a devised play. The fuel seems to be different, where in a “one writer” situation, you follow your idea, in devising, the story emerges from the group, what resonates for that specific group. It's like pop corn: you throw the corn out there in the middle and elements of the story pops here and there, either through words or visually. We all agreed that movement helps emerging the story, it seems that physical movement gives freedom to imagination, unlocks things. Giving birth to a story is a complex thing, just like giving birth to a baby. You have a long pregnancy, full of doubts and pauses. Is it planned? I guess yes, there is apparently always the desire of a story, but when will it come and in what shape or form? This is definitely a journey full of wonderful, painful, magical, enormous, ridiculous, accidents and incidents. I guess it's just another story in itself….