Where the hell do we begin? The Graduate Dream

Convener(s): Pat Ashe

Summary of discussion, conclusions and/or recommendations:

This is just a list of what happened as it happened. It may not make sense.

  • Grad jobs/internships – can you afford to work for free/ Are unpaid internships worth it/
  • Should you be told the ‘truth’ about jobs before you leave training/uni?
  • University should be equipping you with the skills you lack (covering letters, taxes, cv writing) Student should be feedbacking, demanding change once they have left.
  • How you do it? Working to live, finding time to make and create. Fitting your art around ‘real’ work.
  • Support over funds.
  • A graduate open space? Pooling resources among the grads. Meeting every one else who has just been let loose.
  • Knocking on the big doors, pulling open the cracks.
  • Why London? Create a new artistic community. A new place to make work rather than chasing those already here.
  • Corporate connections – We can give you this, what you can give us? (theatre deli – example of strong connections to companies)
  • Grab it. Living choices/ licensed squats – live for cheap.
  • Sweet talk the council/local businesses – make them look good to get what you want. Connect the people.
  • Drama school resentment – not teaching the basics.
  • Are we lazy? Ask for it, don’t wait for it.
  • ‘Know what you don’t know’
  • Admit what you don’t know, ask for that help.
  • Don’t wait to be told you are good enough. Accept you are good enough.
  • Feedback on your ideas with each other, share.
  • The amount of freedom is overwhelming. Be liberated. You’re free. Focus on the positive, just go for it. Try, approach everyone. Stand on your own two feet.
  • The freedom challenge, spoon-feed vs. challenge in education.
  • Failure. Learning, embracing. A richer experience is fail more? Opens more spaces and avenues in your work. Danger making a better show?
  • The scratch model? Whats wrong with being unfinished. Why say sorry?
  • The pressure to make work straight away. 1 year before next flood of grads.
  • Process is important at the start of your career. Make some shit work.
  • Young companies, are we too easy on them? Looking at their possible future work over their current work.
  • The link from maker to audience, ask a producer now, don’t wait 10 years to do it.
  • How important is the spectator in new work/the reason for creation?


That was it briefly.