Where is the good semi-professional theatre in Kent?

carly mcconnell, 19 September 2012

For semi professional artists, there is a difficulty in meeting committed company members in Kent who can offer their services and commit to projects. Making it work financially is very difficult especially for those who have day time jobs to pay the bills and those with families.

Within Canterbury in particular, there are large groups of Drama students at the University of Kent and Canterbury Christchurch who leave the area as soon as they graduate. They flee to where the work is and unfortunately at the minute, there is little work in the Kent area to keep them here. It's important that graduates are supported within this region, especially emerging companies, so a community of artists can be built, allowing ground breaking work to emerge in the county.

As a group, we came to the conclusion that semi professional theatre doesn't really exist here in Kent.


graduates, emerging artists, semi professional theatre