Where do young people begin?

Charly Cornell, 29 September 2012

- how do you begin again/ have you already begun
- dont compete with people, grow together and learn from eachother
- its indimidating to leave school
- you have to create your own oppertunities where there are none
- it seems scary to approach people
- how do you start to network when you have no idea?
- youth festivals; jump into theatre give yourself the motivation
- publisising, advertising; find the time
- advertise yourself; any exposure is good exposure
- take chances
- talk to people; you might need them later
- its who you know not what you know?
- queen mary collaboration; fresh arts surgeries
- volenteer, intern
- make yourself the one that should be taken dont let yourself be put out by others -be confident and up front
- ask for oppertunities


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