where do all good theatre sets go to die


Convener(s): Gary Campbell                               

Participants: Jenniffer Lunn, Naomi Kelly, David, Rajha Shaking, Kate Lane, Samal Blak, Myro Wolff, Amy, Antonia, Andy


Summary of discussion, conclusions and/or recommendations:

The question was posed more as a catalyst for discussing sustainability in through design than a quest for the answer, however an answer was found within the first 5 minutes

Jennifer told us about salvage scenery in Amersham who will collect your set for a fee [based on it’s weight and location] and the recycle, reuse and re sell the items props and furniture usually at a low cost.

It was agreed that this is a valuable resource for any designer and that we’d all wished we knew about it before our last show.

But that in order to address the issue of sustainability – both economic and environmental something else was needed.

The suggestion of a shared storage space was made, however with this comes the administration of a building which is a strain on resources in it’s self.

The creation of a network of designers and producers that shares information about the stock they have and is willing to let others use it was suggested as a direction to explore.

Various formats for this have been discussed ranging from a theatre specific freecycle to setting up a dedicated ning, or just using existing networks like facebook.

There is a possibility of using google docs/maps to share inventories and locate a network of stores.

Also a messageboard was suggested run my vanilla

Email addresses were exchanged and I will be posting a message in the newroom for anyone else interested to sign up.

I will contact all of those who signed up and keep everyone up to date – my email is [email protected]