Rachel Briscoe, 10 January 2016

Sorry, I've taken the lazy option and attached pics of the 3 pages of notes I took -

although I did try to write legibly.

I also failed to get people to write their names. People I knew who were part of it were

Ian Nicholson, Angela Clerkin, Becki Haines, Jo Crowley, Sofia Stephanou, Emma

Stirling, Rebecca Manson Jones, Nazli, Jonathan Holloway, the dude from Equity,

Rebecca A-L, Gerard(?), and Caroline Horton. Apologies to everyone whose name I

don't know who was part of the discussion.

It was a discussion characterised by a lot of laughter, generosity and openness.

Thanks everyone for making it something far more useful and constructive than the

rant fest I envisioned when I called the session.



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