Issue: What’s so now about now?

Convener(s): Annette Mees

Participants: Richard Herylow, Karen Gron, Melissande, Danny Braverman, Susanna Estburn, Tassos Stevens, Lun, Jon Palmer, Adrian Jackson 

Summary of discussion, conclusions and/or recommendations:


Signalling:             lack of optimism

                        should arouse debate

                        anything but the war

            rising spiritualism > theatre is rooted in ritual – collective experience!

What is important is that theatre is in the now > it’s live, alive and in he now – no discussion or lecture

 Universal Themes:

            love/death etc. are always relevant – always now

What survives is metaphor which can be used to express current themes

            (Miller’s the Crucible being an example)


Trends: interactivity, one on one’s, lots of new writing schemes (often issue based -> instrumentalism), live art

What can theatre do?


a gig with a story

a bullfight where the matador conducts the audience and the bull


            (all shape or forms: like football matches – active on the side line to actively creating etc.)

Offering puzzles to solve – puzzles you can only solve by engaging – by being part of he event.

Group experience

            the collective in breath – ritual is referenced again

but also:

Individual experiences within a collective event 

Extendend event

            a key term

            the event lives on beyond it in conversations, starts with booking a ticket

            What does the experience as a whole look like? 

When does scale become a problem?

Scalability is it always size v. content?

            The size of the audience becomes part of the experience (makers should embrace this) 


The future is looking bright. Interesting work is emerging all around. Form seems to be in development.

Question that arose:

How do we alert an audience?