What’s happening in independent & student film in London?  Seeking partners & projects.

Convener(s): Cathleen O’Malley 

Summary of discussion, conclusions and/or recommendations:

A couple of hypotheses as to why no one else showed for this session—

1) Perhaps the film community and stage theatre community happily operate in separate circles and there wasn’t much pressing interest among the theatre artists present to work in film.

2) Or perhaps the theatre artists present aren’t aware of available opportunities to collaborate with the film community (and thus didn’t feel like they had much to contribute).

3) Any other thoughts???????


Were there any filmmakers here? Are we missing an opportunity to “cross-pollinate”?  What questions/problems do the two communities share? In the spirit of maximizing modern technology to create fresh, original theatre, are stage artists missing opportunities to collaborate?  How can we stretch ourselves to include multimedia in our productions?  Are filmmakers taking full advantage of the diversity of available talent (physical actors, jugglers, dance-theatre artists) in creating work?  Where do we have room to expand the network??


From subsequent conversations with a few roving Butterflies, I gathered some names of resources, mostly contact info for several film-oriented listserves, audition boards & professional organizations.


“shooting people”

“future shorts”

“talent circle”

ARTS jobs (through Arts Council)

What else?  Feel free to leave comments or add to the list…



Production base


Stellar network