What would our dream Everyman be?

Gemma Bodinetz, 2 October 2012

Present:Gemma Bodinetz, Francessca Waite, Polly Moseley, Ed Barrett, Andrew, Ness, Grace Stead and Sam.

A very interesting discussion in which I, Gemma asked people to describe the sort of place the new Everyman should be, above and beyond the physical structure. In no particular order it the dreams for the new Everyman were:

1. A platform for new writing/new work.

2.It should reflect the greater creative industry.

3.A “practitionners playground”.

4.An “art factory”

5.This dialoguue should continue long after it's open.

6.Let audience “takeover”sometimes.

7.Mixed programme of received and produced work.

8.Capacity build by wedding small local companies with International companies.

9.Got to be political.

10.“urgent matters” quick response to immediate isssues in bistro third space.

11.A space where audacity can flourish.

12. Use the whole space as an immersive space.

13.How do we get an emotional connection to a new audience? Needs to feel personal.

14. Even if the work is bad people should want to come back because the sense of belonging is greater than one particular show.

15. Don't be influenced by Old Everyman too much.

16. Playful.

17. friendly

18. international.


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