Convener(s): Stephen Hodge

Participants: Mark Conway, Dan Rebellato, Carl Miller, Michael Dempsey, David McGroarty

Convener(s): Abi Anderson

Participants: None!

After waiting a little while the convener decided to join the adjacent group so the space on this one was closed. For now….

Summary of discussion, conclusions and/or recommendations:

The idea behind this issue is that conventional theatre spaces, particularly proscenium arch designs, are not helping to make exciting, theatrical theatre or helping to deliver a connected, live performance to audiences. The lack of participants I don’t think reflects the lack of interest in or disagreement with this as an idea, entirely hypothetical obviously. I participated in discussions in which the way in which the architecture of the buildings affects the kind of theatre and experience that happens in them was raised, I heard a proposal for naturalism to be banned for a period of time and ideas of ownership and accessibility of spaces were questioned.
This proposal is possibly just another way of looking at the same issues.