Report by Jeff Adamson, 2017 volunteer Was determined that groups needing the volunteers… • Want to build a working relationship with volunteers -to minimise retraining, reintroduction to their work (perhaps a smaller more interest-based group) • A trust relationship • As they give a presence and validity to their work that they may not otherwise have had • To be able to continue or prolong their work when funding is cut • Are maybe small and amateur groups lacking the resources for the bidding process • Are maybe unaware volunteers are available to them Future use of Volunteers • It is assumed there will be a continuing pool of volunteers • Also assume there is a bidding process with rules and dates in order to secure volunteers • Concern over how smaller community groups access this pool – criteria, accessibility • Access to otherwise hard to reach groups • Advertising to community and other arts groups – advertising that volunteers are available Concerns regarding exploitation of Volunteers • Use of volunteers to replace otherwise paid workforce • Code of conduct / expectations for groups using volunteers (welfare etc)