What stops you doing exactly what you want to do

Convener(s): Alice Purcell in absentia

Participants:  Ellie, Lyn, Emma Bernard, Tina, Siret, Roddy + others 

Summary of discussion, conclusions and/or recommendations:

Its worth saying that there were women set designers liked hearing of Alice Power and Alice Purcell co devising paper walls for Scarlet Theatre.

Two set designers started with a set and a cast of three women. The set was a garden shed. The designers blocked at directing in this group or in performing.

For most of the group found it surprising to consider doing exactly what you want

As if their own experience had been following an opportunity an doing what was needed rather than what they wanted to do.  One woman spoke of re considering re engaging in solo performance.  Roddy introduced NLP and a subject on which Tina has suspicions.  With Phelim’s encouragement Roddy introduced an exercise where two people tell stories simultaneously to one in the middle, to spontaneously transform the issue of the one in the centre.  When play was introduced as an idea to use to explore the subject most people didn’t want to play but wanted to converse.  It was said that the experience of the weekend was normally the older artists were keener to use play and the younger seemed reluctant.  The one writer spoke of the writers dilemma of feeling the necessity to satisfy the particular venue – this was in relation to writing on difficult subjects.  A self sensor appears.  Emma as a director was largely happy with the way her work was going and doing what she wanted to do.