Ellan Parry, 27 January 2013

Attending: Sarah Grange, David Bellwood, Jennifer Bates

Practical suggestions included:

Don't block captions with your set

ask about casting at the very beginning of design process, are there any performers

with specific access needs? maybe the question might even prompt directors to cast


is there a more interesting way to use / integrate captions?

is there a more interesting way to integrate signers? could we sacrifice a bit of clarity

for the sake of making them a more integral part of the show, or is it better to keep

them separate and clear? - depends on the production

do your homework on existing technologies and access issues

when devising or developing work for deaf / disabled companies or audiences, involve

designers from the very beginning - we now have a huge vocabulary of visual,

multimedia, physical and dance theatre techniques to draw on, so there's no reason

why an ‘accessible’ show shouldn't be rich and accessible to all audiences if we think

about it more cleverly


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