Convener(s):David Rosenberg

Participants: Nick Wood, Gerry Pilgrim, Rachel Parish

Summary of discussion, conclusions and/or recommendations:

How do we keep this discussion alive and move towards implementing Action Plans (for those topics where action plans are relevant)? 

The first Wednesday of each month you are all invited to the shunt lounge (London Bridge) – where a space will be made available for further discussion.

From 6pm onwards.

If there are individuals who want to take responsibility for particular topics then this could be organised on-line prior to the event.

One topic per night or several?

If it would be helpful to also invite particular people who might be able to add to the discussion (or possibly those in a position to implement actions) then we shall endeavour to do so.

In some instances it is just the discussion that is necessary

In others it will be necessary to create specific plans of action to implement.

Wednesday 7th February – 6pm Joiner Street London Bridge.

Map – at www.shunt.co.uk