What makes good theatre soooo good?

Simon Hollingworth, 27 September 2012

Discussion with Simon, Lee, Craig , Rebecca, Simon, Matt, Sally, Chris K, Katherine & few others

The appeal of this session was around reconnecting with the sheer joy of truly great theatre (and reminding those people who are admin / management based why they got into this business).

The session took the simple form of each person recounting personal experiences of theatre they had experienced which had stayed with them and were felt to be outstanding and then noting joint themes.

A uplifting & inspiring session…

Re-occurring words & themes that emerged were around:

intimacy / immersive / intensity


inclusivity (but also exclusivity!)


standard/quality of performance/writing/prod values

demonstration of skill

tenderness / moving / powerful / emotional

encourages debate

has a point a purpose

passion with whgich subject has been approached

reconnects you to being a human

inspiring moments

the overall experience of the evening / event

Shows/companies mentioned included:

The IceBook

Metro-Boulot-Dodo: FIB

Dreamwalk: Bodies in Flight

Theatre Ad Infinitum: Translunar Paradise

People Next Door

New Perspectives: Walking the Tightrope

Trestle: The Island

Improv dance/music at Embrace Disability Arts

The Oh Fuck Moment

Sound & Fury: Kursk

View from the Bridge

Lighthouse Keeper's Daughter


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