What makes European theatre “European” and not just theatre?

Convener(s): Lea McKenna-Garcia 

Summary of discussion, conclusions and/or recommendations:

Design—Production organized around aesthetic rather than story/plot.

Greater invitation to fall into/utilize the avant-garde.

US/UK theatre has “literary” background - Is that a problem?  Is there a danger of “freezing” within the art form?

Euro theatre melds varying forms of performance: there is no defined separation between “fine art” and “theatre.”

Influence of film

Roots of the avant garde lie in Europe, therefore more accepted as standard/regular practice.

Role of the director is heightened altruism

Circus background in regards to movement training, styles, and qualities in performance.

Intellectual engagement on the part of the audience is understood, accepted, and often times expected.

Dramaturges utilized more.

It’s just so sexy.

Greater funding of companies or individual directors with more £££.

Respect for “young” theatre—younger audience, younger artists

Possibly a Catholic influence?  All that spectacle and color…

English acting as a barrier between the States and the UK, and the continent

Do we have something to learn about the very survival of theatre from Europe?

Productions vs. plays

Honest about sexuality as subject matter, in visuals

Euro Theatre tolerates ambiguity

Large venues=highly accessible avant garde