What Kaleider is, Could be, Can't be, isn't, Dream of.

Zachary Price, 2 September 2012

- The misunderstanding of Kaleider stems from the Arts Council definition of the company in the press release. The word ‘consortium’ is extremely confusing. Kaleider is a company ltd by guarantee and is neither a consortium nor an individual.
- Kaleider is no ‘closed shop’, in fact it is quite the opposite with the aim to encourage partnership and outside participation.
- Discussion is part of the process. Kaleider believes that Exeter's development as an artistic community requires discusssion. Kaleider strives to facilitate this conversation in order to involve those from the wider artistic and non artistic community.
- Kaleider is something different and something new, the boundaries of the company are blurred which makes it hard to define. Producing work. Commissioning work. Residencies. Performance. Kaleider aims at behaving in a way in which it believes a regional theatre should.

- Young Kaleider? A concept focussed on diversifying the relevancy of the art that is produced in the South West by developing a pool of people that have diverse backgrounds.
- Looking to the future? An emphasis is placed on looking toward the challenges that we will face in the future. ‘Ancient Sunlight’ for example, an idea for a performance project in the South West, is based upon the question, what can we do with the last barrell of oil?

- These projects are not all funded by the money provided by the Arts Council. Fund

raising is required in order to leverage the capacity to complete these further projects.