What is the most exciting thing to have happened to 'theatre' in the `north east' in the past 5 years. What next?

Jenny Duffy, 11 July 2012

Exciting things:

Venues talking to each other, sharing information about audiences and productions etc. Being honest, collaborating and working together.

Producing theatre in kind.

Advancement in theatre technology and access to technology.

Opportunities for regional artists to showcase work - rise of scratch nights, GIFT etc.

Freedom from organisations and venues.

Retaining artists in the region due to more opportunities.

Increased aspirations for emerging artists and support for continued development.

Events like this happening - finding your own position in the region and knowing your region.

Robert Le Page at Northern Stage.

Emerging artists have the space and time to develop - cheaper to make mistakes.

What next?


Maverick individuals taking the lead.

- venues and programmers will follow artists.

Moving away from geordie-rama

Touring extensively in the region

Bringing knockout theatre to the region to inspire

Creating excitement and audience interest in the region through artists making things happen and taking the lead.

Where is the fringe?


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