What Is The Greatest Thrill You Have Had in a Theatre This Year?

Ed Collier, 13 July 2012

Attendees: Ed, Michael, Jax, Emi, Emily, Abby, James, Phelim

Thrills as audience in the last year:

Three Kingdoms for its balls out bravery and dynamic international creative team!

No Fit State - seen by 4000 people in Stoke alone!

Last Fancies - an immersive performance piece that took place throughout The Arena over 3 days.

One Man Two Guvnors and War Horse - for exciting pieces of contemporary theatre that have reached huge mass audiences that wouldn't perhaps have gone to the theatre otherwise.

The Woman in Black - a piece which is genuinely frightening. Its easy to make people laugh or cry - fear is a very difficult thing to instill in people.

One member of the group had gone to wicked 6 times! Another to The Lion King 4 times!

Beyond a year ago:

Riddley Walker at the Royal Exchange

Kink Theatre: early Deborah Warner

The group wanted great stories over flashy productions and above all they wanted to forget that they were at the theatre and be emotionally and imaginatively transported.

As Theatre Makers…

over coming problems v satisfying - but this feels rather prosaic.

Creating emotional responses in people

Making people laugh and cry!

The power of opera singers in the rehearsal room.

Being part of a history and tradition.

Bad theatre can also be thrilling.

How can people who don't go to the theatre be persuaded that there are thrills to be had?


Best! Emotional, ! Thrill