What is it that we can go in collaboration (Live Theatre) that isn't possible for T.V. and Film.

Questions of scale:

Convener(s): Stephen Jon

Summary of discussion, conclusions and/or recommendations:

Process: Process: Process:

Small scale live theatrical events at best can be live and the spectators can affect the action. It’s risky, exciting, participatory, frightening., Visceral, intimate, emotional active, experimental...

We issue a ‘Challenge to T.V.’  You have to access the abundant fund of creativity available if you are to survive. Can T.V. be sustained only by popularism.

T.V. could be and has been much more creative and exciting.

Different relationships between performance and spectator. Many people seen to be more willing to get involved in activities if it is being filmed/video’d and if it is not being called theatre. People want to be part of making stuff.

Film and T.V. have different requirements and agenda’s  ,financial and industrial.  There present creativity appears to be manifesting in Documentaries right now, fact and faction rather than the imagination. Live theatre seems to access the world of the imagination more directly.

We should all be looking for opportunities to cross fertilise, the small scale live art can reach on a personal level what recorded work can not.

Music events, Royal Wedding,  the desire to be there, the special occasion. To witness is as important as to star.