What have you said 'No' to

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Sheridan Humphreys

Summary of discussion, conclusions and/or recommendations:

Saying no to find shared consensus in collaborative performance making

Nature/nurture – the way you’re brought up. Good boys and girls say yes.

Saying no – is there a regret in that?

Keith Johnson – he say – say yes and you are rewarded with adventure, say no and you are rewarded with safety.

Regret saying yes – young company of actors not wanting to turn down opportunities but finding that they have said yes to something they don’t want to do.

Hard to say no when money is involved

Say yes to your no and also notice when there’s a no in your yes.

You can say yes and be specific about your requirements – and if they don’t like it – then say no.

Sometimes saying no can open up new possibilities because the act of saying no can change the situation that you are in.