What has D+D done for you? (in less than 15 words)

Convener(s): Jen Lunn

Participants: various

Summary of discussion, conclusions and/or recommendations:

“D+D is my annual creative vitamin shot.” Jen

“D+D has reunited me with my love, passion and contemporaries.” Peta

“D+D introduced me to a possible way to get rid of stuff in my storage. Ta.”

“D+D is a great start to my year and gives me new friends.” Stella

“D+D has given me lots of new ideas, ideas to chase, friendships to follow and ways forward.”

“Made me less ashamed when I tell cab drivers that I work in theatre.”

“Become a little more theatre savvy!”  Deepa

“Given me adrenalin in my veins and a bruise on my leg.”

“Recharged my batteries.”