What does Punk Theatre look like now? 

Convener(s): Mary O’Connor

Participants: Lizzy , Scott ,Kelly . Olya  Jamie.SarahTyrone.Lawrence

Summary of discussion, conclusions and/or recommendations:

Punk. Rebellious and Alternative

Buchinger’s Boot Armiture of the Absolute.(Puppets. Anarchic )Jubilee (Jarman)


The following words that came up in discussion :

  • Outrageous
  • Captivating
  • Shocking
  • Rebellion
  • Loud
  • Subversion
  • Anger

Punk  Theatre exists under an umbrella of personal experiences, a shared ideology a rebellion against what society expects. Olya’s husband is writing an article about Punk Theatre for PUNK.

Theatre Laboratories /Process  sense of individual within a collective. A sense of anarchy but not with a purpose of revolution starts with the self and the expression of the self.Touched by/with freedom.Free  not linked  start with the individual. Improbable as Punk theatre  there is an acceptance of  failures. Humour . Lie down if you have to.

Performance art.

A response to tradition create own tradition, signature style. Break as and when.

Also ‘How do we/I play Hamlet?’ as a starting point.

Punk theatre is:

  • a family of individuals within a collective
    • ’we’re making work’
    • we have a common thread
    • we are authentic/true to work and the page
  • the audience is the testing ground
  • struggle with convention
  • dialogue to work out
  • dialogue with audience

Punk bands = three friends who did stuff punk theatre serendipity, enough people to do it. Churning and Christillisation. Trust yourself not to know anything mu strength is a weakness. You and how you learn . non-negation. Showmanship overt self expression.

Tyrone spoke about the Impact Theatre cooperative, he left Leeds uni in ’79 total sense of community. Living in each others pockets, whoever had the money for the round of drinks  bought the round.

Crash Theatre.

Tension within the cooperative ‘director couldn’t direct us we wouldn’t let him.sound/design was done by those who could. D.I.Y. Theatre. Where you developed your craft (all day discussion about whether graham should buy a wasp synthesizer for £200) negotiation and sharing.

NOT to change society but anarchic archetype. No sense of being a punk alone but collective and shared with anyone who shares our passion. It does effect society. It can’t help but have an effect.

Shunt Vaults  shakespeare’s theatre was full of energy excitement and was Punk theatre. Know the tradition to subvert it. The craft comes. Alain Platel  Choreographer mathematician. Punkness.

Ethics of we are here/ honest. We stand in for whoever chooses to walk away. Childishness sense of exploring possibility and boundaries. Punch and Judy =punk. How political can it/we be? Theatre exiled for being too political.

Archetypes Punch and Judy Theatre Laboratories subvert, revolution –small-

Impact were plagerised by a company that took work further sense of heritage translation ,. 2003 contemporary aesthetic for punk theatre developed.

Akhe space always open. Between.

Money? D.I.Y. share/pool  (impact did) we want to do something who has the money for a round we will start doing it …………………