What does it Truly Mean to have a Relationship with your Audience?

Jennifer Kidd, 5 October 2012

I should have got everybody's name who contributed these thoughts but I forgot, sorry. As I did in my report yesterday. But thanks to everybody for ideas and experiences offered in all conversations furthering personal and collective understanding. I'm just going to put down thoughts that came out from different people at different points and then people can join whatever dots they like.

What does audience mean? Is it a useful division? The idea that audience changes is not fixed entity in size, make-up, role, desire etc Sharing rather than audience
What is a relationship/does it/can it mean? Maybe it's about some kind of action from both parties - a contract.

Different points and ways which audience might relate Different parties which audience might engage with

eg. at inception or through development of piece,
during performance,
over time,
with venue, companies, individual artists, individual pieces of work, styles etc geographically

Possible commitments in contract for audience

emotion money research support development skills

Will try and summarise as is lunchtime and I feel hungry so some great things that came up were;
is a relationship.
Your audience want your Voice as an artist, your voice is your side of the relationship. It is a very different relationship for artists within and outside of a building. Ease of transaction different.

Time is necessary. Honesty and genuity in what you are making and the relationship you want are the best bets.
Hope I didn't miss something that's really important for someone else. This is what I'll take from it. Thank you.


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