Discussed the limitations of an assessment system rooted in semiotic analysis (what was the gesture? what did it mean? The lights were red, what did it mean?)
Discussed how the emphasis on semiotics restricts the content of the curriculum to predominantly historical practitioners and texts or a narrow field of contemporary practitioners whose practice is in an obvious historical lineage. 21st Century Theatre is full of experimental practices that specifically confront the limitations of a semiotic analysis.

How can content and assessment facilitate the teaching of the phenomenological, visceral or emotional experience that is 21st century theatre?

The start of some answers, the beginnings of further discussions:
Room to celebrate not knowing - I don't get it, but.... It hasn't worked, but...
Challenging traditional teacher / student relationships by getting students to think about what they can teach the teacher.
Importance of written reflection - how can it articulate critical and emotional thinking? - (In a separate conversation Lia from The Place told me about a model to pinpoint kineaesthetic empathy - image of a body with students asked to mark places on the body where they feel a performance affected them.)
How can work with no-purpose be celebrated? Post-Issue based drama...
Foster working relationships with professionals from an early ages as co-creators.
Appreciation of relationships and the fundamental quality of theatre being shared time and space - post-transferable skills as justification.

Idea for assessment of performance work - external examiner is invited in to watch but they somehow are examining audience response - could this happen in the model of the big debate at the end of NSDF (National Student Drama Festival) - Audiences can be problematic so could there be an assessed discussion with the student artist led by teacher in the model of post-show talks in professional theatre - followed by q and a? This would need to somehow embrace the uncertainty and failure that is inherent in theatre - I don't get it, but...; It hasn't worked, but...

Further discussions - How do universities assess work? How do theatre buildings assess their own work?

Events happening -

London Theatres are gathering at the Lyric Theatre to discuss the future of the drama curriculum - specifically texts on the curriculum being more representative - LTC Creative Learning Symposium - Monday 5th February

The Big Arts and Education Debate - Birmingham Rep Theatre and Carl Woodward - 20.04.2018