What do we want from a D&D website?

Convener: Seth Honnor

Participants: Angie Bual, Morven Macbeth, Sarah Jane Rawlings, Sam ?, Kirsty Lothian and several others.


Summary of discussion, conclusions and/or recommendations: 

  • Publishing PLUS engaging in conversations
    • Publishing online is greener 
  • People may use an open forum online to list shows etc – how to control this?  
    • Profiles at the centre of the experience are good. 
      • Then on a report like this you could drill down into the biog of the convenor and the attendees. 
    • We discussed whether we should force people to use a twitter account to log in with.
      • We decided we could encourage this as much as possible but wanted an alternative. 
  • Should articulate clearly between Open Space and D&D
    • Resource pack for D&D and link to external OS Wiki for OS
  • We talked about the brand of D&D being slightly protected – bit like TEDx but encouraging people to put them on. 
  • Events section for D&Ds but not for shows or anything else. 
  • We talked about having locality based communities but decided against it.  
  • Session notes pinned to convenor (pos opt out) and option to receive email notification on new comment to their session notes.
    • Plus a “tell me if someone comments on this session” box for logged in users. 
  • Rich content for posts – vid/sound/image
  • Short readable url strings. 
  • Capturing twitter conversations and posts but also archiving them somehow??
  • Decided we wanted moderation after posting not before with flag this post/media/content function
  • Could there be a way to see trending reports?
    • Recent Comments? (although anything date related can look dead if it’s a long time between live events and usage has dropped off a bit) 
  • Function for D&D community to write invitations important
  • We discussed we thought tagging was vital. We would like to see the ability for any logged in user to tag a piece of content – then that list of tags is also associated with their profile (so appears in their profile)
  • Mobile friendly version
  • Explore Disqus as option for commenting as can link to twitter and facebook ids Telegraph and CNN use this.