What do I do on my "days off"?

Samantha Meisner, 2 October 2012

Participants:Tim, Sam, Jill, Fiona, Grace and Britt.

Allow two days off or half days - allocated off-time.

A shift within ourselves - the definition of productivity.


By the end of this week…pressure's on, achievement.

Time blocks.

Times of stillness, time on yourself.

Take the pressure off - counter-productive.

One big task a day?

9-5 schedule.

Days of miscellaneous tasks V- working days. Half a day?

Can't do creativity to chronos time.

Go for a walk - let the ideas come - fitting it all together.

Find your own way in - experimentation.

Reward yourself with the miscellany to change the habits.

Late at night? Quiet time?You can't be missing anything - there are no distractions.

“Days on”!

Be honest with yourself.

One LONG day of working out of your head.


Busy does not equal productive.

You might just sit there and not write - even if nothing happens.