Chris Grady, 24 January 2015

Session called by Chris Grady (who doesn't know the answers) hoping to be surrounded by people who either know the answers or are already inventing/on the wheel.

Thanks to Laura Asherton, Jay Kearney, Angelika Georgokosta, Jess Mabel Jones, Jess Thom, Jess Denning, Hannah Lambert, Jian Rees, Emma Rucastle, and Sarah Crompton.

Feeling some of us are in the dark about the arts policies of all the parties. As we know we need to share what we know. If they don't have developed policies - give them a push.

Understand the education and “legacy” policies to be sure we understand who is thinking further ahead - rather than a focus on fear mongering right now.

So Action: Learn more and share what we know.

Vocalise the importance of the arts and best practice. Looking widely at those reports which are coming out at present (Arts and Wellness, Warwick Commission, Fun Palaces) to gain material to use. This could be through running your/our own hustings (maybe Open Space hustings) and talking with our communities (those we work with, fellow artists, our audience, our geographic community, our day job/non arts

colleagues, young people we engage with). Encouraging all to make a conscious choice with their vote.

So Action: Identify and reach out to communities

Use our own message power (blogs, events we have planned, twitter, facebook) to raise awareness and also to spread knowledge of great places to go to get intelligent unbiaised opinion. For example I receive, others suggested vote for politics not parties online.

So Action: Share links to where we are getting our understanding

Be aware and engage with What Next and the new BBC Get Creative initiatives. Be aware of events happening around the UK with arts activity focussed on election and political exploration. Get involved and help to ensure there is follow-up with the audience to be able to go to intelligent informed comment.

So Action: check out What Next, BBC Get Creative and local media to engage with them and help reach our community

Maybe there is (or needs to be invented) a sharing centre for all those people who are writing about personal experiences of policies present and paste in current governments. Maybe link this source to our own websites.

So Action: Readers of this report please alert if there is an obvious central point for this material, and if not who might be able to invent it.

Finally - we don't have time to change the political system (in next 4 months) so we agreed the need to be engaged and use the one we have. Whatever people vote, encourage them to vote intelligently for the good of the world/future. If you reside in a totally safe seat then maybe see how your voice can be heard elsewhere to make a difference to the eventual make-up of Parliament, or do your best to get the maximum votes for the party in your area which represents what you believe in. “Does my vote count?”... hopefully.

“Does my voice count?” - yes.

And finally - I will take some time next week to go through D&D reports and see where there are obvious comments which could feed this. Please help build more info where it exists.

Thanks Chris


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