Ellan Parry, 28 January 2013

This was a follow-on from my Dealing With Dickheads session. I came to the

conclusion that while there's lots we can do as individuals and companies to tackle

bullying and bullying cultures, we do seem to have a genuine, industry-wide problem

with bullying that hasn't been acknowledged or addressed in the way that other

sectors have managed.

Some actions:

* Find out about how other sectors deal with bullying, anti-bullying policies in offices, in


* Find some definitions of bullying

*Find some different work-place ‘behavioural guidelines’ and ‘codes of behaviour’

*Talk to Equity, find out more about their anti-bullying policy, find out more about their


-could Equity help to draw up a ‘code of good practice’ or ‘code of conduct’ which all

theatres could be encouraged to sign up to?

-could this be something that gets written into the standard contract that Equity


*Write / encourage somebody better at writing than me to write an article on bullying in

theatre, that could be published online and/or in industry publication

*Look up a book / study about bullying in the arts by Kerry Nupak

*Read session report: ‘Working with Dickheads’ called by someone else in a previous


*Start a website similar to the Everyday Sexism Project where theatre workers could

share stories - should this be anon or should we name and shame? could be risky for

individuals doing the whistle-blowing, could be open to abuse - what are people's

thoughts /advice on this?


bullying, dickheads, equity, Equity, ethics