This conversation was mostly documented through post-it notes, a photo of which are attached below. It was a really productive and positive conversation ('not the usual whinge-fest' said an artist afterwards). We mainly agreed that the most important thing is transparency, as much dialogue as possible (about programming, aims and objectives on both sides, audiences etc). Opportunities for structured networking are useful, to break down false hierachies and initiate contact.

It was agreed that one misunderstanding can be around what's really useful to artists and venues - eg space, if not also involving meaningful engagement with venue and audiences and/or supported with accommodation/cash, can cost more to the artist to take advantage of than it's worth. This is as much up to artists as venues to ensure opportunities are well matched to the artists' and venues' needs.

So that prompted us to start a list of things venues and artists really need - trying to get beyond the obvious. It's here on a google doc. Please do add anything that's useful or make comments - I've enabled editing.