What are you afraid of?

Convener(s): Sarah Brignall. 

Participants: Caroline Routh, Natalie, Helen A, Angela Clarkson, Stella Duffy, Suzy Harvey, Francis Grey, Joanna P, Martin B, Alan Cox, James.

Summary of discussion, conclusions and/or recommendations:

The fears were:

Being found out

I am not as good as I might like to think I am.

Spiders. Cockroaches.

Starting again.

Never being able to get out of debt.

Not being able to take the next opportunity that comes along because it wont make money.

Ending a sentence with a preposition……………….of…………..at………..on!!!!

Being alone, poverty stricken and …. alone !!!

How can I support myself when I am older?

Is fear a motivator?

I am terrified to sing, yet I can sing.

Fear of expectation. (Other people’s and my own)

Getting old.

Fear of exposure.

My cancer coming back


Coming here to day.

Fear of sensuality.

Being a Dad or being a bad Dad.

Nervous of change and networking. I am not in my 20’s anymore!

Afraid of fear.

Not being able to breathe and then to realize what you fear.

Being too complacent - Being thick.

Not doing anything in case it may not be perfect.

Having my balls cut off!

Having so much put into my head that I don’t know what my opinion is anymore.