What are the lines that can connect theatre world of Los Angeles with a Theatre world in Leeds?

Olya Petrakova, 5 October 2012

Links/Strings/Lines of Connection:

Session called by Olya Petrakova
Session attended by Pete Young, Jamie Fletcher, Lizzie Allen, Simon, Ellie Harrison, Al Dix, and others.

Areas of exploration we've established are “similarities” and “unfamiliarities”.


1. Artists need HOMES:
a) artistic*: development, rehearsal, performance spaces.
b) residential**: close proximity to artistic homes, affordable abodes.


*Groups of artists actively pursuing this goal can connect to exchange experiences, strategies, ideas, concepts, support, etc.
** Artistic Village development concepts can be exchanged. Villages to include residencies, eateries, stores, service shops, etc.

2. Artistis seeking NEW THEATRE FORMS.

Possibilities: Exchange of influences, contacts, images, videos, documentation, collaboration in obtaining funding; references to international festivals that support new/innovative forms. These exchanges can be between directors-auteurs, between theatre ensembles, or between fellowships of theatre companies or theatre artists.

3. Artists seeking FUNDING.

Possibilities: Ideas for creative funding, strategies, tactics can be exchanged. International collaboration grants. Strategies for local government funding explored.

4. Artists seeking TOURING CONNECTIONS.

Possibilities: Exchange of ideas for international touring schemes. References to existing contacts.



Leeds and Los Angeles are very different cities. These differences can be seen as unique opportunities for exchange:

1. FORMS OF THEATRE that are less common or familiar in LA are: devised work, physical theatre, multi-disciplinary theatrical spectacles. Los Angeles is rich with

sketch comedy, improv explorations (schools such as Groundlings, Upright Citizens Brigade, Second City, etc.) It has great sources for new writings, new plays (Padua Playwrights, Fierce Backbone, Elephant Theatre etc.) It is a home to Premier Asian American Theatre, called East West Players. Exchanges between Leeds and LA artists can happen in a form of performances, panel discussion, masterclass, etc.

2. NATURE and SITE-SPECIFIC PERFORMANCES: as an example: landscapes, woods and nature in California are very different from Yorkshire. That can be a field of exploration. Same with architecture, history, etc.

3. Los Angeles is a very FILM-DRIVEN town. Leeds is very BUSINESS-DRIVEN town. How is Theatre positioned in both cities, and how those differences can be introduced in a creative exploration, might be a form of research.


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