We devised, but I directed?

After devising a piece as a group, giving freedom to the actors.. the question of ownership and ‘did you really direct it’ comes up 

Convener(s): Myro, Samal

Participants: Steve, Phelim,  

Summary of discussion, conclusions and/or recommendations:

- The Problem is very common (you are not alone),

- only happens when a piece is successful

- this is a normal process for good devised work

Can be avoided by:

  • Explaining style of directing. Sometimes ‘alternative’ style (less dictatorial, more about creating an environment for actors to explore), causes confusion as if this is directing.
  • having clear roles from the beginning (i.e. contracts)
  • be sure of your roles/inhabit the role completely

- people seem to need safety given by roles

- fixed roles become especially important when the devising system starts to interact with outside systems.

Possible ways to help ensuring/ finding out who the director is:

  • ask yourself if the show would have been shit, who would have been blamed?
  • Who would have taken responsibility?
  • Who sat down and started the process (also applies for company founding) 

For Help go to:

ITC – independent theatre company

Directors guild (join)