Michelle Owoo, 26 January 2014

I am Associate Producer at the recently opened Clapham Omnibus Theatre & Arts

Centre (previously the old Clapham Library). it's a wonderful, characterful and quirky

building with a new 90 seat theatre, bar, exhibition and rehearsal spaces, plus two

production offices.

Omnibus programmes a wide range of work: theatre, music, dance, comedy, visual

arts and photography, We are also interested in cross art form work and opening up

artforms to new audiences. We are situated right next to Clapham Common so we are

also aiming to extend the scope of our work outdoors. It is an exciting time for us and I

called this session (together with Associate Director Antonio Ferrara) as an invitation

to artists, performers, theatremakers and producers to come and introduce themselves

and tell us about their work.

I am in the process of organising an event at Omnibus to give people a tour of the

building, meet the Artistic Director and key members of the team and talk about our

plans. If you didn't make the session today but would like to come along, please drop

me a line and tell me about your work and I will get in touch. I am also programming

our new comedy strand, so if your work may be a good fit there, do let me know.

Those attending the session: John, Fauve, Aimee, Clara, Zoe, Kitty, Marianne, Alex,

Aggeliki, Bridget, Ellis, Eleanor, Aliki, and Amy. Great to meet you all.

Michelle Owoo

[email protected]



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