We are all such good friends, how can we give honest feedback?

D&D Reporter, 2 September 2012

We are all such good friends, how can we give honest feedback?

Competitiveness? Feels dangerous to criticise someone else as it can come back to haunt you

We all should be able to be honest about people's work, but there is an anxiety

How can you constructively critic someone's work without being harmful?

Dramaturg. Critical friends

Feedback from venues that you have visited

When is the right time to give feedback? What are the rules? What are the implications and back lash for doing that?

If you want to create an environment of giving feedback, introduce the idea of receiving feedback first.

You may want to question your own motives when giving feedback.

The politics of the city influence the desire to give feedback. Everyone on edge.

Critical feedback is support. Might not always feel like that. But it is.

Structures and rules of feedback is a useful tool. Written feedback, facilitated conversations, etc.

Liz luhrman process?

There is a pressure that shows have to be presented as a finished product and so people rush to get things out leaving people with a negative opinion of the show. If people can accept there is different levels of development and are happy to invite audiences in, then we can work together to push things forward.

Trying to create an ethos that putting on a show unfinished is ok. As long as people are informed as how the evening goes on. People enjoy the responsibility, and relationship over time that people can develop, as the show develops.

Forum of critical feedback. Invite creatives to your show over a period of time to be your critical friends.

Ignite? Create a forum for people to give and receive feedback. Copy the Barnstaple thing of post it notes and Internet

What about feedback to organisations? It all about the framing and the context of things.

It's no different to give and receive feedback to an organisation than to a show. They are human beings, with passions and visions. Be tactful, not self serving, honesty but respect.

Feedback is something that needs to practice.

Successful organisations are ones that are open to opinions and feedback. Closed minds are BAD

There is a perception that the arts council are holding back on their feedback, meaning that when people don't get funding, or get it cut, they are surprised.


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