We are a venue! We would like to help support and develop artists. What is it that artists want/need?

Convener(s): Lucy Atkinson / Sylvia Harrison

Participants: We forgot to ask!!

Summary of discussion, conclusions and/or recommendations:

The Roundhouse in Camden convened this meeting to ascertain from artists at DandD6 how we could use our spaces and resources to help support and develop artists in their processes more then we are already, better then we are already and perhaps the same as we are already?



Clearer communication about what the Roundhouse can provide for artists over the age of 25 (as much of their advertised provision is for those 25 and under only)

Develop networks, organize network events, opportunities to share work

Organise labs for trying out work, no onus on presenting work which can create unwanted pressure on artists


It is very beneficial for companies to be able to say they have an association with an established institution through having done a few days development work. Adds clout to conversations with potential stakeholders.

Young Vic Directors network is a good model of a network which works on a variety of levels, offering different levels of support

Place to scratch work which is a good opportunity to invite people to see your work

Peer review laboratory?

Playground Studio a good model of an artist/work development scheme

Does the Roundhouse have access to cheap digs for artists coming in from outside of London?

Is it better to have a large network which offers a little to a lot of artists or have a small network and be able to do more for each artist?

Who artists should communicate with and how could be clearer on website, it isn’t clear and no one answers the phone!

Be clear about the producing/programming remit so as not to waste anyone’s time

Creating a dialogue between artists and venues which is on an equal level, too often artists are made to feel they are at the bottom of a hierarchy that venues are at the top of

Should artists show a commitment to a venue by having attended a lot of their events? Is this fair? Through a network can tickets be made available to artists at a subsidised rate?

Spaces for writers and directors to meet and network is needed

Share resources with venues that have more space to be able to offer more

Producer panels at regular intervals allowing people the meet Roundhouse producers and discuss their ideas to be given honest advice and feedback