We all do great stuff, can we be happier please? what would that take?

Colin Marr, 8 September 2012

Particpants were everyone left as this was the last session

Session was about how we are all lucky to do what we do but sometimes forget that. People would be happier if they had more control over the changes that they had to contend with. We should take control of the problems we face - not just complain about them.

As artists in the Highlands we often feel isolated - we should find ways of communicating more and making more of a community. Today's event made people happier - we should replicate this more often. Even when we disagree with people in the theatre community that we will create by doing this it will still make us happier to be part of that community.

More, regular shows will make us happier as will seeing more internmational work and allowing promoters to take risks. So will faster trunaround on funding applications and director's bursaries.

But much more than that is creating a connected community that can give us positive feedback. We might think about creating this by a daily photo blog or a monthly get together.

We need to talk more!


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