Luke John Emmett, 16 January 2017

I ran this session mainly in response to a few Bristol sessions I attended yesterday.

My main aim was to try and help connect anyone with an interest in performing in Bath

with the right venues for their work.

We had a small session but hopefully those who attended are now more aware of the

different venues in Bath, have an idea who to contact to talk about taking work to Bath

and also what opportunities are available to show work.

We talked about all of the different venues including the Rondo Theatre, Mission

Theatre & Theatre Royal as well as opportunities for performing at the Bath Fringe


It became clear that Bath & Bristol both have a bubble culture that perhaps those of us

already involved in the scene aren't quite aware of. From the outside looking in it can

be difficult to see how to make the right contacts in Bath.

We aim to address this by re-running our informal networking evenings / tweetups.

Meeting in a pub and sitting and discussing theatre with anyone who is interested,

sharing ideas, discussing problems and helping each other out.

Theatre makers would also like the opportunity to showcase and get feedback on their

work so we plan to look at how we can arrange scratch nights to help facilitate this.

Our door is open. If you have a question about Bath or want some advice please do

get in touch. We will answer all emails and do our best to help you if we can.

[email protected]

List of Bath Venues can be found here:


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