Jack Price, 16 January 2017

The session you thought you didn't need but that might be the most vital session you

ever missed. It's not too late to get involved!

Across the performance and theatre industry in South West England and beyond,

small companies and individuals market shows and events on their own or in tiny silos.

This marketing work is often time consuming and difficult, it requires patience, skill,

creativity and know-how. Lets face it, it can be dull! And you are an artist not a

marketing stooge! …but we all know that with the right marketing, even a mediocre

show can get an audience and without good marketing, great shows perform to empty


How do we work together to change little squeaks into big shouts? Bringing more

people to our work?

How do we bring new audiences, like someone who may want to watch the next box

set or Netflix to our shows?

How could a group of companies and individuals champion theatre and workshops to

audiences across the South West and beyond?

How can you increase your own productions exposure, at the same time as helping


I know this idea has legs because I have worked around advertising and marketing for

years. My background prior to teaching and creating theatre is as a film-maker and

creative director / campaign director. I oversaw Creative Direction and merged Aviva

PLC from 40 companies to one company winning Media and Marketing Awards. I have

also regularly overseen Creative Direction for Greenpeace UK in numerous

campaigns. Marketing and advertising is tough, laborious and essential, could joining

forces with others make it easier for you?

If you are reading this now and are faced with the task of marketing yours or others

next work alone, ask yourself, would you like help while climbing that wall?

Would you like to find a way to share the burden?

Would you like it if you we're part of a network and if so what might that look like?

If you would like to talk about this new venture please email me at

[email protected] and you could get involved in creating something visionary

and wildly useful. You never know it might be the solution that allows you to spend

less time crunching databases and mail-outs and more time making work while

reaching bigger audiences.


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Jack Price, 16 January 2017

Thanks to all the organisers and producers who have already expressed interest in this idea. Thanks for your enthusiasm!