Convener: Tony McBride

Participants: Mark Griffin; Yumi Yokoyama; Piemalatha Gunabala; Lian Bell; Jim Pope; Sue Pendlebury; Michael Twaits; Roddy Maude-Roxby; Jen Lunn; John Hale; Philip Osment

Summary of discussion, conclusions and/or recommendations:


We identified some qualities that teams of theatre makers need to work with in order to create the product and what can happen if the same qualities are nurtured in other contexts

Tension between the issue and the artist – what happens to the creativity of the Director/Practitioner who is making the TMP accessible to people who aren’t trained or experienced in the form?

Does the TMP need to be product orientated? We talked about whether the process is valid in itself, or whether the process can only happen if there is performance. Can process be performance?

Can elements of the TMP be used to help people involved in making theaxstre better communicators amongst themselves? – Can the positive, creative and productive elements of the process be used within company structures?

We asked what are other unchartered areas of community/society the TMP could be used in – Answer: Political parties and structures; Government; NHS; Business; Parenting


An email was compiled so that an ongoing exchange can happen between interested people.