Towards financial respect/self-respect for all theatre workers

claire webzell, 9 August 2012

Present: Claire, Sue, Stephen, Jo, Nicky, Josh, Godfrey

notes from session unedited and incomplete as yet:
If you work in subsidised theatre you don't get paid enough.
A living wage? Hardly . . .
In comparison to other careers senior nurse,teacher
How do we raise financial profile for everybody?
Perception is one problem - actors as dilettantes.
Less work in theatre now so many working for low/no pay.
using your acting skills for money jobs
Could we have a functioning society without theatre? Self respect Perception that anybody can act.
British actors used in the past because well trained.
A vocation: you have to act - fulfills a need your sanity

3 C's: cash/ creativity/ career

difference between London and regions
art is subjective.
If you have dependents impossible to support on actors wage.
we have right to expect what other people have - we are working people.

rare opportunities for financial progression. Job security - compensation for lack of Others don't work for free -
don't see many poor producers

Using our skills to enable self respect and command our work Mentoring people
the business of acting
Perception of art ( and fact ) is charity

statistically proven: you get back what you put in
shifting perceptions; making the business case for non business area ie the arts arts is a business
art people think creativity sullied by business
Be awake to :are you limiting yourself by staying within the economic argument. Art -education/culture/society essential
we shouldn't get needy about trying to prove its worth
- art - necessity
Need for peer support network -selfrespect