Too much of this, not enough of that

Michael Addison, 13 July 2012

Michael, Neil, Nick, James, Paul.

Too Much of This

Some venues programme too much of the same type of work for the same type of audience.

Too many assumptions.

Worrying about the recession.


Negative or self interested approach by some press.

Focus on financially supporting the buildings and venues that fail to have the impact they could do in the sector and audience.

Too much DAD'S ARMY type programming.


Assuming what the audience thinks and wants.

Focus on London as the place to be.

Not Enough of That

Long term thinking

Blue Sky thinking

Open space - authentic conversations

Connected communities of artists

Joined up thinking

Taking time and making opportunities to think creatively to enable valuable innovation to take place.

Facing up to what you are doing.


Artists or young people on boards of organisations

Celebration of what we do well and right in the press and community.

Openness to new approaches e.g. outdoor work inspired by Cultural Olympiad programming.

Producing budget

Commissioning budgets


Money/Trust given to venues/producers to commission new/exciting artists

Money to support programming smaller studio spaces in venues.

Venues using independent producers.

Appropriate venues in London for work to tour to (small scale 150-250 seater)

Knowledge of what audiences want, like or might like to try differently.


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