Tomorrows Stars

Vanessa Rawlings-Jackson, 22 June 2012

Not an get issue - anyone can find and follow their creative passion at any stage but the need for early engagement with the arts say at primary school will nurture the seeds of that passion. \\Current trend for stardom to be instantaneous - is this less value of talent that those that have trend the boards and “paid their dues” \

Examples like susan boyle and X FActor

the artist is an artisan and so there is the integrity in their work and that the work is the centre of their creativity - not an add on\

what do we mean by stars - not necessarily celebrity but can be having and inner star - being a star in your community, amongst your peers.

How do you judge in theatre where the next stars are - in music this can be quantified by the technique/skill of a performer but more difficult to identify.

Education is key - but do we need degrees ? Do people sometimes choose for the wrong reason but perhaps there are seed of talent there that will not emerge until later?

So do we really know where the new stars will come from - what the talents will be - contemporary art/circus are now stars but not so long ago were not either recognised

as art or have a high profile - what changed that and do we necessarily know what is coming next or even when it will arrive?

malcolm Gladwell's Outliers - the 100 hour theory - how long does it take before you stand out form the crown and in what sphere- example,e of those with many talent such as rio Ferdindand could have been ballet dancer, Michael Sheen and Simon Webb could have been footballers. How did they decide which talent to pursue.
Star" come in many forms - some sooner rather than later, some brighter than others but all stars in their own right. the role of education, the inspirational teacher however was recognised as being instrumental in how talent is nurtured and allowed to bloom.


focus, passion, any time is the right time to shine, education and early engagement with the arts, integrity