To rush Or not To Rush 

Convener(s): Laura Kriefman

Participants: Alan Wen, Gisele Edwards, Natalie Frerener, Philippa Barr, Sarah S, Annie Rigby, Laura Kriefman

Summary of discussion, conclusions and/or recommendations:

What causes our worries about rush:

Being Time Punctual people, work aholics, following rules, the fact that your sense of self is bound up in what you are doing.

Is it different in regional cities; rather than there being life changing events 3 a night: You’ve access to one a week etc.

Does ebing time punctual limit what you can do, because you are not open to instinct and the urge for continuing  something or random accurances.  Does it allow you the time and process to digest?

Our 24 hour world and lack of format: we think this has reduced our productivity, and innovation, because we do not give ourselves the time for our minds to switch  off and for our subconscious to work and for us to receive other stimuli. 

It is diffilcult to impose self managed time frames ( partly due to guilt?) 

You need to fight for yourself: work phone calls at 10 pm are not acceptable.

Because we are passionate about something does that mean we’re throwing away our lives?  Working from home: does this lack of formal space affect our ability to switch off?

We need to value our time off, our right to time off. Letting go of the security blanket of plans.  Create structure in non structure.

Apple maybe? Structure their employees work as

  • 7/10 work
  • 2/10 social interaction ( theatre ciniema, other interests)
  • 1/10 Exercise etc.

Allows you to stay ground and inspired and creative.

  • 1st conclusion: Across life we need to include validity to taking time in a week and month/ into our life plans.
  • Realization: we were all people whom others see as being able to get things done: internally we feel different.
  • 3 hours for lunch: when your subconscious is working is healthy working time.
  • Fact: lying awake at night worrying is a relick of us as cave men when we were watching out for sounds at night because that’s when we were most at risk.

Do we need to reconnect more to the natural cycle( Hibernating etc)

Working at computers: the difference between work and sitting a computer loking like work.

Realization of our worth: Our own personal time, and understanding that there are additional social confusions from being lucky enough to do what we love: we need to value a human’s need for personal time. TO be an observer and to reflect. 

IN that sense we need to value ideas reaching you in your own time. And that throughout life as long as you value yourself you will make the right life journey at the right speed.