Session convened by Michelle Dee Money is already in the city in the hands of Creative People and Places, Hull Culture and Leisure, 2017 ltd in whatever guise they are in post 17. Exploration and unpicking of that began to reveal what was behind the initial proposal. Discussion and argument and counter argument led to a revised proposal How do we as artists and organisations influence policy and funding allocation from Legacy? Exploration of creating a sustainable mini-grant system to counter argument over lack of local artist engagement by 17. Artists not to be discussing where money goes, should be one step removed yet still have input. A mechanism to be built in to the Legacy fund requirements that actively supports critical reflection to deter the ‘everything is great’ mantra we have heard all year. There has been a distinct lack of space to critically discuss programme. With a policy being employed ‘ Naysayers will be silenced’ Final statement taking in what has gone before, for legacy fund to have built in mechanism for critical reflection and to support and develop artists above and beyond this year – to make sure that CPP 2017 AND Hull Culture and Leisure processes are transparent.