The next stages of taking it from personal you to a 'company'.

Company jargon - Being a CIC (community interest company) or a CIO (Charity Incorporated company) which can be commitee run. The difference between trustees (for a charity) and Directors (for a CIC). These support the growth of your company and are people funders can refer to reassure that any financial support is not being used fraudulently. Executive directors are involved in the company and Non- executive directors can aid an application by being outside support and eyes. This gives an added layer of accountability to show funding is being used effectively and that liability is assured. This can create an advisory board of people who can take on a legal or an advisory role depeneding on how much control, time and support you need/they want to give. Skills Audit - you can help you, who has knowledge skills, assets you need. How can ou get these people on board.

Funding- types - development (for personal skills and learning), touring (to take your work further), project (to start and further a particular project.)
- corporate - who has money to give and needs your skills.
Fundraising training is available. (ITC...)

Advisory services - Artsadmin (london based free events), ITC (Independent theatre council), Theatrebristol

Artist support - companies who can tutor, guide and give a programme of support
- London - New Diorama, Camden People's theatre, SOHO theatre, Oval House
- South west - Theatrebristol, strike a light,Venues southwest, Wiltshire Creative

Development Ideas -
Actions Lists - 5 thing/people/plans you can do to achieve/prioritise a goal
Wheel of life - 8 things important to you/your company - understand your core values, assets and network.

Reaching venues -
STAMP - an event which can start converstaions with venues
-Venues Southwest and Venues North have documents about venues, contacts and space.