Timeplanning: Ideas? Solutions?

Convener(s): Ingo 

Participants: Lee Simpson, Martin McLeen, Jason, Chiss Watton, Sally Christopher, Shanti Freed….and some butterflies….

Summary of discussion, conclusions and/or recommendations:

The thought behind the topic was getting help in balancing your time. Many arrived with hopes of solutions…

The thought of time was talked about, as in cultural differences, coming early… or very late. If you start work at 10 am, are you wrong by turning up at 10am and want to talk to your colleagues, or should you be there 9.45 to have a chance before your work time start?

Misjudging of time – internal clock…

Different jobs, different culture….. time means different things for everyone.

The group continued to talk about how to do things, management time;

  • Take a time management course – and learn the skills
  • Write lists…
  • Follow lists…
  • Use the open space technique with your self, in your mind
  • Getting all and everyone in your project to sign into google docs – group communicate.
  • Employ someone to create a personalized project management plan
  • Employ someone to do your admin
  • Use the Monkey technique – Each project is a monkey. Feed your own monkey before you feed the other monkeys!
  • B.A.N.J.O – Bang Nasty Job Off   ….. bang it off first, then the rest of the jobs seems easy.
  • Take a course with Independent Theatre Council for project management, admin skills etc

Ooops… running out of time.