I greedily called a double session and talked to people about my project all night. Glorious. Thank you to Improbable for opening up the space to do that, and thank you to all the people who came and shared their stories.

Third Culture Kids (TCKs) are people who spent some or all of their formative years in a culture different from their parents' culture. They (we) create their own ‘third’ culture out of multiple influences.

For example, my family is from Leeds, but when I was five, we moved to California. I have two passports, two accents, and family all over the damn place. I almost never take a real vacation (or holiday, whatever) because whenever I get on a plane, it's to go see someone who lives in a different time zone.

I won't tell anyone else's TCK story here, but if you're interested in getting involved with the project, or if you have a story of your own to tell, please do get in touch. [email protected]

We are just beginning to conduct some interviews that will get us started. The short-term goal is to get ACE funding for R&D, a major interview phase and scratch performance in London. The long-term plan is to tour a TCK verbatim piece around the UK.

Relatedly, I would love to set up a TCK artists network for us to just get together and be a community. The only thing we need is space - please get in touch if you have ideas or space to offer.